Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cover vs. Cover [11]

Cover vs. Cover is a weekly feature, hosted here, where I compare different covers of the same book. For more information, visit the Weekly Features page.

This week's competing covers are:

           The US Cover                                    The UK Cover

I really don't like the US cover, I think it's too generic (then again, I thought the book was too). I didn't see the UK cover up close until just now, and didn't even notice the seaweed curling around the title text, which I like. I also like the sun shining through the ocean, so the UK cover wins this time.


  1. I'm thinking UK as well. I'd probably like the US better if the background weren't so ugly :P

  2. I like the UK one as well.

    Heres my cover vs cover this week:


  3. I like the US cover better. I think there is something about the colors that are just so pretty.


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