Friday, September 30, 2011

Event Recap: Pen Fatale Tour

On Wednesday, I attended a stop of the Pen Fatale tour in my town.
It may or may not have been the best book signing I've attended.

I expected huge crowds, so my friend and I got to the B&N two hours early. We ended up getting seats in the front row! We weren't the only crazy people to show up so early, and talked with a very nice person named Brandy who also loves YA. (I recommended NetGalley to her!)

Here's what it looked like before anyone came:

Only about 30 people showed up to the signing, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. You know how during a huge signing like Smart Chicks Kick It, there are so many people that you can only ask one question, if any at all? It wasn't like that here. We got to talk to the authors on a more personal level, which I loved.
(But just to be clear, I had a blast at Smart Chicks Kick It last year too!)

More pictures:

Mary E. Pearson with The Fox Inheritance

Gabrielle Zevin with All These Things I've Done

Jessica Brody with My Life Undecided

I didn't get any good pictures of Alyson Noel, but she was there too.

And the best part? Gabrielle remembered me from when I interviewed her back in May! It was so amazing to finally meet her. I loved talking to Mary about Jenna Fox as well!

Finally, here is my haul of goodies.
(I already had the ARC, but now it's signed+personalized!)


  1. I've never even been to a book signing before. But a small book signing where you can chat to the authors sound amazing!

    I'm glad you had such a great time :)

  2. Very cool goodies you got there! I'm so jealous now. I missed the event since I planned, but got cancelled the last minute. Wish I was there. I think the next BEA....



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